About Me

I'm dfsek, I work mostly on Minecraft stuff at Polyhedral Development (lots of worldgen stuff), as well as on my homelab. I'm interested in compilers and programming language design, specifically functional languages. I am currently a student at Northern Arizona University, studying Computer Science. Pretty much everything I do is open-source, as I believe that creating and using open-source software is the best way to ensure transparency and user freedom. I'm a Linux user, my current distro of choice is a customised image of EndeavourOS (eventually I will probably get around to documenting how I configure my image, as well as the rest of my homelab). I love self-hosted tech, and pretty much all services I use are self-hosted (except email, f*** you Google).

Things I Think are Pretty Cool

Things I Want to Learn/Try


This website is still a work-in-progress, it's a long overdue from-scratch project to replace the bloated JS-filled nightmare that 15 year-old me made.